Residency and Citizenship


Cyprus is an island in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. A sovereign European country that lies between Europe, Africa and Asia which makes it a natural hub for business and trade. With a total land area of approximately 9,3 thousand square kilometers, it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, after Sardinia and Sicily.  With a very low crime rate, high standard of living, pleasant climate and the cleanest beaches in Europe, Cyprus is easily ranked as one of the best places in world to relocate.


We have a dedicated imigration team that has succesfully assisted non-EU nationals to obtain a Cyprus Passport or a Permanent Residence Permit. We provide specialised advice on relevant legislation and procedures, assist with completion of the application form, review documents and provide guidance and collect all relevant information so as to ensure that the application is complete. Additionally we will act as your representative to the Cyprus Authorities as well as provide post submission monitoring of the status of your application in order to ensure that it is properly progressing and if additional clarifications and documentation are required that these are provided immediately.


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